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aTACnipod Monopod Edge Anchor
Price: From $300.00 to $3,100.00
The aTACnipod provides users with an artificial high directional rigging point at a cliff’s or building’s edge. The Basic system rigs as a Monopod. Multiple systems may be “mated” to each other to form bipods, A-Frames, and tripods.
D7 Height Rescue System
D7 Height Rescue System, 3/8" Lifeline
Price: From $1,100.00 to $1,200.00
A specially designed pack and rescue system allows one-handed rigging, rescue, and lower of the patient. Includes Tower Rescue Pack that can be anchored with one hand. Adj. Rigging Sling easily secures transfer and lowering system to tower.
D7 Rescue Kit
D7 Rescue Kit
Price: $950.00
The D7 Rescue Kit is designed to provide the needed equipment for a rapid rescue using raising and lowering techniques. Included is equipment to create a Z-rig mechanical advantage system, or lowering system, or rappelling system or ascending systems.
D7 Bailout Kit
D7 Bailout Kit, 50 ft.
Price: $225.00
The D7 Bailout Kit is a low profile emergency escape kit that attaches via a quick-release system or mounted using carabiners (included).
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