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Marine Plywood Backboard

Price: From $27.00 to $220.00

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Full Length Backboard

FULL LENGTH BACKBOARD - Traditional Styling

Manufactured of 3/4" weather-proof Marine Plywood finished with two coats of clear varnish. Large hand cut-outs for easy handling. 3/4" runner on bottom for easy lifting. Special shape fits inside Wire Basket Stretcher. Speed clip version requires purchase of up to 4 Speed Clip Straps. Confined Space version designed to fit in Confined Space Stretcher.

Model # Product Name
620201 Full Length Backboard
620202 Full Length Backboard w/ Speeed Clip Pins
620212 Confined Space Backboard (14" Wide) - no runners
620231 Speed Clip Straps

Dimensions: 73 x 17 x 3/4"
Shipping weight: 19 lbs.

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