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Conterra O-2 Airway Pro Backpack
O-2 Airway Pro Backpack
Price: $215.00
he Conterra O-2 kit can carry one or two "D" cylinders, a bag valve mask, V-vac suction, oral and nasal airways, and mouth to mask devices, each in their own padded compartment.
StatPacks Backup EMS Backpack
StatPacks G3 Back Up EMS Backpack -1
Price: $339.00
The Back Up is exceptional in Urban or Rural areas where "stay and play" medical protocol is used. Customizable shelving allows superior organization of virtually any combination of equipment. G3 model with Blood Borne Pathogen resist. fabric.
Conterra Responder I Trauma Bag
Responder I Trauma Bag
Price: $99.00
Carries all your EMS supplies in one rugged compact unit. The Responder I has a new non-absorbent sure grip handle and opens using a large #10 coil main zipper, making it the choice for a vehicle response kit.
Conterra Patrol III EMS Fanny Pack
Patrol III EMS Fanny Pack
Price: $80.00
The Patrol III is undoubtedly the most advanced aid belt on the market. Designed for the serious patroller or EMT, the Patrol III utilizes interlocking pocket system, allowing it to keep all your gear comfortably close to your back, improving balance
StatPacks Perfusion
StatPacks Perfusion
Price: $319.00
The Perfusion is great for all EMS Clinicians. Two main compartments, and three external pockets allow superior organization of large amounts of BLS and ALS equipment. The hybrid design can be worn as a back pack or side sling, or carried by hand.
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