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RescueTECH One Piece Edge Roller
Price: $102.00
Fully protects rope from corners and other points of friction. Uses aluminum rollers mounted on Oilite bushings for extended wear. Alloy aluminum construction, steel fittings. Lightweight and low profile. Four connecting points for easy attachment.
RescueTECH Multi-Unit Edge Roller
RescueTECH Multi-Unit Edge Roller
Price: From $270.00 to $365.00
Our original M.U.E.R. now links with a length of webbing. Webbing linkage allows the unit to be used to provide large area protection. Units may be linked together. Low Profile design. All units 5.75" wide.
Multi-Unit Edge Roller
Multi-Unit Edge Roller
Price: From $4.00 to $375.00
Featuring an alloy aluminum frame and rollers, this unit may be used as a single unit or paired-up with other units to provide large area protection. Units may be linked together with the included rapid links or may be linked using a flat webbing.
Born Entry Ease
Born Entry Ease
Price: $248.00
Excellent stainless steel edge guard gives the needed abrasion protection from sharp edges. Minimum entry size: 18" (45 cm). Works for confined spaces with limited overhead rigging availability.
ISC Rope Roller Set ER100
Price: From $35.00 to $135.00
A new edge roller system to protect ropes from damage when working over sharp edges. The system is fully modular, consisting of edge roller boxes manufactured from high grade aluminum connected with steel rapid links.
Conterra ClampBot
Conterra Clampbot
Price: $190.00
The Clampbot is the next evolution to our Edgebot Terrain Roller. The clampbot articulates to conform around whatever you attach it too. It has 28 mini crampon points that increase grip on pipes, railings and trees. It also has a lowered center of gravity
Conterra Edgebot
Conterra Edgebot
Price: $105.00
The Redesigned Conterra Edgebotâ„¢ is an ultra compact, high efficiency roller that is packed with features.
Rope Rescue Edge Roller
High Roller - All Terrain Edge Roller CMI EDGE
Price: $272.00
The High Roller utilizes rollers turning on sealed ball bearings for incredibly smooth rope pulls. This low profile unit allows litters to be easily raised over the unit and will provide a smooth pull over various types of edges. CMI EDGE
Caterpillar Articulated Rope Protector
Caterpillar Articulated Rope Protector
Price: $161.00
esigned to guide and protect a moving and stationary rope from abrasion and sharp edges. Lightweight modules connected by quick links to follow the contours of the surface. Supplied in kit form. Kit includes 4 modules and 6 quick links for assembly. 36 oz
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