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  • These instructions are applicable to Laminated Fabric style Surface Drysuits. Thoroughly rinse garment with fresh water after each use.  This is especially important if you use sun block.  The oils in sun block can break down latex gaskets.
  • Dry Completely, inside and out, before storage.  NOTE:  do not dry garments in a clothes dryer.
  • Periodically wash garments with a dilute solution of powdered detergent.  Liquid detergents contain emulsifiers, which could react with the fabric.  Hand wash in bathtub or gentle cycle in a larger capacity washing machine or a front loader washing machine. Treat stains with pre-wash treatment such as Shout or Spray ‘n Wash
  • DO NOT USE BLEACH or Fabric Softener. Do not Dry Clean. Do not Iron.
  • Clean and lubricate both plastic and metal zippers.
  • Do NOT store drysuits in excessively hot or humid locations.
  • Do NOT store drysuits where latex gaskets are in direct sunlight or artificial light with high UV content. 
  • Do NOT store drysuits where gasoline or gas appliances are stored, this includes the trunk or cars (fumes break down gaskets.
  • Store drysuits with the zippers all the way open, even relief zippers.  If left closed for long periods, the zipper's sealing elements can take on a "compression set" making them less effective.
  • Apply Zipper Lubricants and Cleaners to Metal and plastic zippers
  • Before applying, unzip drysuit and clean zippers with brush.
  • Brush Lubricant/Cleaner on liberally to zipper teeth.
  • Re-apply regularly, especially before long storage periods.


Technical Rescue and Safety is potentially hazardous. Any person using equipment sold by RESCUE TECHNOLOGY in any manner is personally responsible for learning proper techniques involved, and assumes all risks and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages, including death, which may result from the use of any equipment sold by RESCUE TECHNOLOGY. The tensile strengths listed are for new products. Tensile strength may decrease depending upon use or storage conditions.

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