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Dive Rescue / Recovery-GEN2 Manikin

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Ruth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 Manikin
Ruth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 ManikinRuth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 ManikinRuth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 ManikinRuth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 ManikinRuth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 ManikinRuth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 Manikin

RESCUE TECH / RUTH LEE Dive Rescue / Recovery Manikin
Designed to aid dive team recovery training
The Dive Rescue / Recovery Manikin is constructed using a reinforced, heavy-duty Nylon mesh for the carcass with non-absorbent closed-cell foam for buoyancy. The mesh allows the water to flood out of the body as it is being recovered and also allows better ventilation when the manikin is hung up to dry. Polypropylene strips running from the shoulder area to the knee joint allow flexibility in and out of the water but do not allow the manikin to bend in half when using stretchers or recovery devices like the Jacobs Cradle. The addition of the facemask and wig gives a realistic look and feel and aids the identification of a human body in poor visibility.

The Adult manikin has a dry weight of 110 lbs.(50Kg) out of the water and will sink quickly to the desired position; the closed-cell foam adds to the buoyancy, giving a weight of 22 lbs (10 kg) in the water, which is a realistic weight of a body in the water. They are supplied with Wellington boots and protective coveralls, which extensively protect the manikin and are user-replaceable if damaged. One of the unique features of this manikin is that it is Sonar-Compatible. Unlike water-filled molded plastic manikins, the Ruth Lee manikin has mass and can be seen on sonar. Examine the sonar images, and you will see our Dive Rescue / Recovery manikin laying on its side. NOTE: The Dive Rescue/Recovery manikin is for in-water training for Dive Rescue Teams. It is not designed to float. Rather, it is designed to be an analog for a body recovery from depth. For on-water training, use the OSCAR Man-Overboard manikin.

Part # Description Weight Height
2395019010 Toddler 22 lbs (10 kg) 2'11"
2395019030 Youth 66 lbs (30 kg) 4'3"
2395019050 Adult 110 lbs (50 kg) 5'11"

TechNOTE - Ruth Lee Training Manikin Coveralls

Ruth Lee is the only manikin manufacturer that provides clothing with their products. All Ruth Lee Rescue Training Manikins include coveralls. Manikins 44 lbs and up also have lug sole boots. None is found on Bullex products, and Simulaids only adds thin gym shorts. While the strength-reinforced coveralls protect the manikin, they are not deemed Wear Proof. Their specific design is to provide a replaceable, washable layer that helps protect the manikin. The coveralls are designed to wear and must be replaced to protect the manikin carcass. The use of manikins should mimic that of dragging a similarly dressed victim. The wear resistance of the coveralls should be considered on par with clothing usually worn by the victims. The included coveralls protect the manikin when used during rescue training. The coveralls are not designed to endure the rigors of firefighter drags or physical agility training. The coveralls and boots should be seen as disposable items and replaced when showing signs of wear or damage to protect the main body of the manikin. Additional clothing is suggested for these activities (Even the Combat Challenge dresses their manikins in turnout Gear for this competition). Treat the coveralls as clothing. They are NOT wear-proof. Protect your investment.


This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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