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D7 Rescue Kit

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D7 Rescue Kit
D7 Rescue KitD7 Rescue KitD7 Rescue Kit

The D7 Rescue Kit is designed to provide the needed equipment for a rapid rescue using raising and lowering techniques. Included is equipment to create a Z-rig mechanical advantage system, or lowering system, or rappelling system, or ascending systems. Included 7.5mm EGRESS+PLUS (150 ft.) provides a strong, heat resistant rope that is compact.

  • EGRESS+PLUS x 150’
  • Offset D carabiners (10)
  • Hasty Harness
  • Blocquer Ascender
  • Tibloc Ascender
  • Adjustable Ascender Foot Sling
  • Standard Rescue Loop
  • Micro Rigging Plate
  • Micro Pulley (3)
  • SGBII Rappel/Belay device
  • 6mm PROBE Prusiks (2)
  • Rope/Edge Protection Pad (2
  • D7 TAC Equipment Pack.
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