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D-Ring Slings

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HD Quik-Rig Anchor Sling
Price: From $55.00 to $61.00
New quick-attach rigging point that eliminate off-axis loading of rigging carabiners. Simply wrap the sling around the rigging point to form a basket, then attach the Forged Eye Autolocking Steel Carabiner to the Rigging ring. Not for Choker attachment
RescueTECH Heavy Duty Anchor Sling w/ Wide
RescueTECH Heavy Duty Anchor Sling w/ Wide "D" Ring
Price: From $26.00 to $40.00
Manufactured from heavy duty TECHWeb flat webbing (Tensile Strength: 10,000 lbf.) Each sling has a standard "D" ring (proof load: 5,000 lbf.) and a Wide "D" sewn at end to provide maximum versatility.
RescueTECH Super Duty Anchor Sling
RescueTECH Super Duty Anchor Sling
Price: From $40.00 to $47.00
Manufactured from 2" wide solid weave high strength webbing. Special RED internal tracers function as edge cut indicators that are exposed when the webbing edge is abraded, cut, or torn. Outperforms Type 13 slings with sewn-on wear guards.
RescueTECH Rigging System Slings
RescueTECH Rigging System Slings
Price: From $8.65 to $38.00
Allows rescuers to extend a Z-rig past the lowing device witout having to tie a "green" sling. Available in a 16" Dogbone style and a Super Heavy Duty 2' sling.
RT Adjustable Rigging Rescue Sling
RT Adjustable Rigging Sling
Price: From $50.00 to $63.00
An adjustable length rigging sling. Manufacture of heavy duty TECHWeb 1 3/4" flat webbing and has forged "D" ring at each end. Adjusts with a slide adjuster.
Anchor Set
Anchor Set
Price: From $135.00 to $140.00
A special anchor sling set to provide secure, protective anchoring of rescue systems. Special Sling Guards protect the Anchor slings from abrasive surfaces.
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