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Conterra Tool Chest Harness

Price: $76.00
Item Number: 820351
Conterra Tool Chest Harness

A larger version of the Deluxe Radio Chest Harness. Lighter and cooler than a load-bearing vest, the Tool Chest is built entirely of Cordura nylon, and can carry a wide assortment of items. Its large cargo pocket hinges open to reveal a multitude of dividers and elastic keepers. The top flat has an "hourglass" holster for instant access to trauma shears. Directly under the cargo pocket are two wide mount pockets for multi-tools, gloves, etc. There is even an elastic keeper for a mini flashlight. The Tool Chest will carry any radio or cell phone in complete comfort and security. The 2" elastic and web suspension guarantees that the Tool Chest will ride as well as the Deluxe Radio Chest Harness when climbing caged ladders or climbing into confined spaces or overturned vehicles. The Detachable Roo Pouch (sold separately) securely attaches to the Tool Chest, increasing its carrying capacity. The angled design allows you to carry bulkier items like stethoscopes or wrenches without compromising stability. T he accessory pouch sports a heavy duty zipper for attaching to the Tool Chest and two belt loops when it is worn on a belt or harness.

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