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Confined Space and Specialized Stretchers

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TASK STR II Flexible Stretcher
STR II Flexible Stretcher
Price: $1,000.00
The STR II is a versatile envelope stretcher for transport and rescue in many vertical scenarios. Features Integral Patient Harness and Quick-Connect Buckles. For Urban, Marine, Industrial, Mountain, Industrial, confined spaces, etc.
TASK H-STR II Confined Space Stretcher
H-STR II Flexible Stretcher
Price: $875.00
A half-sized version of the STR II. Ideal for confined space use and FF evacuation. Features patient harness, foot loops and horizontal/vertical lifting straps. Horizontal lift strap loops serve dual use as lifting handles. Quick-Connect Buckles.
Fibrelight Emergency Ladder
FibreLight Emergency Ladder
Price: From $875.00 to $7,500.00
The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is a SOLAS approved ‘Means of Embarkation’ and life saving device. The Emergency Ladders are in use across the world on merchant ships, offshore support vessels, navy warships, super yachts and overhead cranee
Fibre-Lite Rescue Cradle
Fibrelight Rescue Cradle
Price: From $1,650.00 to $4,500.00
The cradle is secured to the craft. The casualty is guided onto the cradle and the outboard end is then hauled in, bring them safely on board in the medically preferred horizontal position. SOLAS approved.
LSP Life+Life Emergency Stretcher
LSP Life+Life Emergency Stretcher
Price: $384.00
Constructed of strong corrugated plastic and weighing only 4.5 pounds, the LIFE+LITE can support up to 500 pounds. Because of its construction and low cost, the LIFE+LITE can be easily disposed of and recycled, or cleaned and used again.
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