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Water Rescue Can
Water Rescue Can
Price: From $56.00 to $90.00
The original rescue cans developed by Bob Burnside - L.A. County Chief. Strong linear plastic with pebble-grained hand grips to reduce slippage. Heavy duty 2" nylon strap and 10' of 11/32" line.
Water Rescue Tube
Water Rescue Tube
Price: $82.00
Vinyl Coated for great visibility and lightweight foam body for handling comfort. 36" long with soft nylon rope and one-piece body belt. USCG approved bronze snap hook. New Color: Yellow with "RESCUE" lettering. 3" x 36"
LSP Cinch Collar
LSP Cinch Collar w/ Storage Bag
Price: $335.00
Easy to use - The victim simply enters the harness with head and arms extended before tension is applied by the rescuer. Victim's weight will release the connector and allow the collar to cinch around him, preventing him from slipping out.
Kent Ring Buoy, 24
Water Rescue Throw Ring - Ring Buoy, SOLAS
Price: $87.00
USCG Approved One of the most popular of ring buoys. Molded from high impact linear low density polyethylene for extreme conditions and environments. Diameter: 24". Complete with grab lines.
Water Rescue Ring Buoys
Water Rescue Throw Ring - Ring Buoy
Price: From $15.00 to $116.00
USCG Approved One of the most popular of ring buoys. Manufactured of Unicell soft foam that prevents rot or becoming waterlogged. Diameter: 24". Complete with grab lines.
Mustang Survival Rescue Stick
Mustang Survival Rescue Stick
Price: From $215.00 to $1,150.00
Compact and weighs less than 1 lb. Easily stowed and is accessible when needed. Easy to use so anyone who can throw a stick can use it. Can be thrown distances almost three times that of a typical rope bag or life ring between 110 and 150 ft.
Mustang Survival Rescue Stick Re-Arm Kit
Mustang Rescue Stick Re-Arm Kit
Price: $65.00
Re-arm kits are easy to install and include all required components to re-arm the Rescue Stick after it has been inflated. Regular inspection and maintenance reduces the possibility of a inadvertent inflation.
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