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Arachnipod Multipod Step, Each

Price: $200.00
Item Number: 24481518
Arachnipod Step, Each
Arachnipod Step, EachArachnipod Step, EachArachnipod Step, Each
Arachnipod Step, Each

The Arachnipod steps are used to access the head when the legs are fully extended.  This allows rescuers to attach additional hardware such as carabiners, pulleys, or guide ropes to the head.  This prevents the need to lower the height of the system during use.  The steps attach to any of the holes on the lower or middle leg with one pin.  As with all Arachnipod pins, it is attached to step with a stainless steel cable.  The APOD Steps may be placed either to the inside or outside of the leg. 

  • Weight: 2.3 lbs.

  • Warning:
    Precautions such as lanyards or slings should be utilized by the rescuer to prevent falls.
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