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Arachnipod Standard+PLUS Multipod Edge Management Tripod

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Arachnipod Advantage Basic PLUS Edge Management Tripod
Arachnipod Advantage Basic PLUS Edge Management TripodArachnipod Advantage Basic PLUS Edge Management TripodArachnipod Advantage Basic PLUS Edge Management TripodArachnipod Advantage Basic PLUS Edge Management Tripod

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The Arachnipod is the world's most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS) and was recently awarded an Australian International Design Mark at the 2008 Design Awards. The Arachnipod is based around the concept of an industrial tripod, however this product is much more than just a tripod. Components can be added or removed as required so that the Arachnipod complements existing structural or natural features. The unique design of the patent-pending modular head means the Arachnipod can be constructed into many different configurations including a ginpole/monopole, bipod, tripod, quadpod, bridge system and handrail recovery monopole. For heavy loads an infinite number of additional legs can be fitted to increase the safe working load (SWL). Its versatility makes it an ideal system for workers in industries such as rescue and emergency services, construction, military, utility services, mining, film and maintenance. Meets CE EN 795B standard for Tripod and Quadpod.

How It WorksThe Arachnipod, in its most basic form, is a simple tripod with the three legs independently pivoting from an anodized aluminum head. The modular head has a similar design to a door hinge. Inserting or removing a pin through the center of the head allows the quick and simple addition or removal of components to create a configuration to suit any edge management scenario. Each head section contains a shackle

The Advantage Basic PLUS system is comprised of the Advantage-Basic standard head tripod with 2 rigging points. The PLUS system adds a Gin Head, Rigging Plate, Quad Plate and Reverse Head. A quadpod can be created by adding the appropriate Quadpod Add-ON Kit to the base system. Weight:57 lbs.

  • Systems that can be built from the Advantage-Basic
  • Tripod w/ 2 Swivel Rigging Points
  • Bipod / A-Frame
  • Offset A-Frame (std Rigging Point)
  • Lazy Leg Tripod
  • Gin / Monopole

Kit Includes:Amt.
Arachnipod Standard Leg 1
Arachnipod Lazy Leg 1
Lazy Leg Tripod Adaptor 1
Feet Restraining Rope w/ Grab for APOD 1
Rigging Plate 1
Quad Head Plate 1
Reverse Head 1
Gin Head 1
Arachnipod Bag 1
Arachnipod Manual 1


This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel acetate which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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