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RescueTECH ISC Wales RIT Recovery Hook
ISC RIT Recovery Hook
Price: $42.00
For Turnout Rescue Loop Attachment. Strong, yet lightweight, alloy aluminum locking hooks easily attach to NFPA Drag loops. Strength: 7,869 lbf. (35 kN) SH999
RescueTECH ISC Wales Swivel Snap
Swivel Snap Hook
Price: $40.25
Our double-locking aluminum Snap Hook is now available with an integral swivel. Gate function is easy to use - even with gloves. Strength: 6,070 lbf. (27 kN )
RescueTECH ISC Wales Twister Swivel Rescue Carabiner
Twister Swivel Aluminum Carabiner
Price: From $38.00 to $40.50
Superb aluminum carabiner with built in swivel. Twistlock and Supersafe locking versions. Strength: 5,500 lbf (25 kN).
RescueTECH ISC Wales Snap Hook Rescue Carabiner
Triple Action Snap Hook
Price: $32.00
Our original Aluminum Double-Locking Snap is now available in a 3-stage (triple) autolocking style. Strength: 6,070 lbf (27 kN)
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