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Aluminum, Single Pulleys

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ISC Medium Single Sheave Pulley
Price: $37.50
ISC lightweight Eiger Pulleys are made from high strength Aluminium and fitted with tamper-proof rivet. Fits ropes up to 1/2"
RescueTECH NFPA 2" Rescue Pulley, Single
Price: From $41.00 to $60.50
A pulley that works well for all rescue and work needs. A compact, NFPA General Use 2" pulley that will fit almost all rescue needs.
RT NFPA 2.5" Pulley, Single
Price: From $51.00 to $70.00
A new high-strength, long wearing design. Sideplate bend to the 3 carabiner rigging point reduces flexing and stresses put on bends during high load
RescueTECH NFPA 3" Rescue Pulley
Price: From $64.00 to $84.00
The newest addition to our pulley line that will accept ropes up to 5/8 diameter. Built to the same precision standards and quality of our other pulleys, The NFPA Single, Large is the big daddy of our aluminum rescue Pulleys.
RT NFPA 2.5" Pulley w/ Becket
Price: From $59.50 to $108.00
Sale Price: From $53.55 to $108.00
A new high-strength, long wearing 2.5" Single PMP with Becket rigging Point. Sideplates bend to the 3 carabiner rigging point to reduce flexing and stresses put on bends during high loads.
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Single Pulley with Becket
Single Pulley with Becket
Price: $49.25
Specialized rigging pulleys with aluminum or stainless steel side-plates and an aluminum sheave. By using the extra rigging hole at the bottom of the pulley, they can be daisy-chained together in block and tackle fashion.
RT Micro Strap Pulley
RT Micro Strap Pulley
Price: $18.35
Simple Sideplate design provides extra safety for rescuers. Ideal for 8mm - 7/16 ropes. Works with ropes up to 1/2".
RescueTECH Micro Rescue Pulley Red
RescueTECH Micro Rescue Pulley
Price: $28.50
A strong pulley in a small package. Made from alloy aluminum, this pulley is perfect for a variety of rescue uses. From Tower Rescue to Water Rescue the RT Micro is one of the most versatile pulleys around. Made for ropes 5/16" - 1/2" diameter.
Rock Exotica PMP 2.0, Single
Price: $63.00
The Omni Block 2.0 features a 2 sheave for better efficiency when hauling heavy loads.
Rock Exotica Omni-Block 2.0
Price: From $112.00 to $113.00
A PMP version of Rock Exoticas Omni Block. The Omni-Block 2.0 features a one-sided PMP function and swiveling rigging point.
Rock Exotica Omni-Block Single Rescue Pulley
Rock Exotica Omni-Block Single Pulley
Price: From $90.00 to $91.00
The Omni Block is a high strength swiveling rope pulley. Each precision fabricated alloy block has a unique button-activated release feature that allows instant access to the sheave for mid-line attachment. Accepts up to 1/2" rope.
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