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Airtrack Inflatable Path, Polyurethane

Price: From $2,300.00 to $4,300.00

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MFC Airtrack
MFC AirtrackMFC AirtrackMFC AirtrackMFC AirtrackMFC Airtrack

New Polyurethane version

The Airtrack is an inflatable rescue walkway for rescues on water, mud, ice and unstable terrain. Constructed in a catamaran type shape, the Airtrack rescue path has two pontoons running length-ways down the underside of the path. This shape provides exceptional stability on water, especially during casualty recovery, and provides extra ground clearance on ice, mud flats and unstable terrain. The unique footprint also prevents suction on top of mud and soft surfaces. Several inflatable paths can be connected using the rapid extension link-up feature. Airtracks can either be connected length-ways to extend the path, or sideways to create a rescue raft. The Airtrack inflatable rescue path is compact and portable, packing away neatly into a carrying bag. It can be quickly inflated and deployed allowing water rescue personnel to have access to the casualty within minutes.

  • Non-slip top surface
  • Strong and durable
  • Stable
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance
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