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RescueTECH Clik-Lok Patient Packaging Kit
Clik-Lok Patient Packaging Set
Price: $445.00
Clik-Lok version of our popular Packaging set. Complete system for patient restraint in the vertical environment. Set includes Stetcher Patient Harness, Patient Lashing Set, and Stretcher Equipment pack.
RescueTECH Litter Transfer Sling
Litter Attendant Sling
Price: $32.00
A handy adjustable sling that attaches to litter railings with a girth hitch. Similar in design to our standard transfer sling. V-ring adjuster attaches to rescuer. Great for litter transport.
RescueTECH Quick-Fit Patient Packaging Set
Quick-Fit Patient Packaging Set
Price: $405.00
Complete system for patient restraint in the vertical environment. Set includes Stokes Harness, Patient Lashing Set, and Stretcher Equipment pack.
RescueTECH Stretcher Patient Harness
Stretcher Patient Harness
Price: $120.00
Special design harness that provides inside patient lashing. Designed to stay attached to stretcher then attached to patient. Complete with chest and seat harness section. Easily donned. To be used in addition to a rescue-grade stokes stretcher
RescueTECH Stretcher Harness Kit
Stretcher Harness Kit - Clik-Lok
Price: $1,200.00
An upgraded version of our original Patient Packaging set. We have added Litter Bridle and equipment for the attendant(s).
RescueTECH Stretcher Equipment Pack
RescueTECH Stretcher Equipment Pack
Price: $100.00
Two zippered pockets hold webbing, hardware, litter bridles, victim harnesses, and much more. Come complete with carrying handle. Stretcher attachment system is complete with high strength buckles.
RescueTECH Clik-Lok 2-Piece Rescue Strap
Clik-Lok Patient Packaging Strap
Price: From $35.00 to $38.00
Manufactured with our new Clik-Lock Buckle, this unit is affixed to backboards and stretchers with a girth hitch. Constructed of 1.75" flat nylon webbing(Tensile Strength: 5,500 lbf.) and Clik-Lock adjuster buckles
AMBU PerFit Ace Adjustable Cervical Collar
AMBU PerFit Ace Adjustable Cervical Collar
Price: $10.00
Perfit Ace Adjustable Cervical Collar. Adult size has 16 different adjustment settings- from neckless to tall.
RescueTECH Quick-Fit Stretcher Strap
RT Quick-Fit Stretcher Strap
Price: From $24.00 to $30.00
One or two-piece style strap for use with stretchers and backboards. Consisting of two straps with a loop at one end, to girth hitch around stretcher rail, and a connector at the other end. An excellent alternative to the "seat buckle" style connectors.
RescueTECH Standard Backboard Multi-Strap
RT Standard Backboard Multi-Strap
Price: $140.00
Strap system that has eight straps that quickly and sucurely immobilize a spine injured patient to virtually any spine board. Easy deployment from included storage bag. Thread straps through the backboard holes and pull tight. Machine washable 1.5" web.
Conterra Triple X Backboard Strap
Triple X Backboard Strap
Price: $115.00
New Strap system that has twelve separate overlapping straps that quickly and securely immobilize a spine injured patient to virtually any spine board. Easy deployment. Simply align the three sets of "X" formation straps over the weight centers
RescueTECH Rescue Stretcher Cover
RT Rescue Stretcher Cover
Price: $175.00
Manufactured from vinyl coated polyester for extra strength and durability. Double stitched seams and Vislon Zipper. For ease of loading, zippers allow 1/2 of the top of the cover to flap open. Carrying handles and compression straps are included.
RescueTECH Junkin Head Immobilizer
Head Immobilizer
Price: $86.00
Designed and recommended for immobilization only. Item includes: two head support pillows with air openings; two removable straps with center pads, for head positioning; one base pad; one removable pad to accommodate smaller heads
RescueTECH Clik-Lok Stretcher Lashing Set
Clik-Lok Stretcher Lashing Set
Price: $210.00
Updated Stokes Lashing set uses our rescue-grade Clik-Lok Buckles. These buckles click together like a seat belt buckle. Buckle requires that both release tabs be depressed before the buckle. Includes 5 Straps and Deluxe Storage Bag
Emergency Blanket
Emergency Blanket
Price: $3.00
Mylar Space Blanket It can be used alone, inside or outside of sleeping bags in survival situations. The full size 36" x 84" bag of original Emergency Blanket material
RescueTECH Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set
Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set
Price: $165.00
A set of lashing straps designed for use in the vertical environment. These 2-piece, rescue grade straps allow for proper external lashing of of the patient in the stretcher.
Heavy Duty Space Blanket
Heavy Duty Space Blanket
Price: $23.75
Lightweight Superinsulator. Reflects and retains up to 80% of radiated body heat to prevent post trauma shock. Multiple layers are flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures. Dimensions: 60 x 84". Weight: 12 oz.
Junkin Stretcher Blanket
Stretcher Blanket
Price: $44.00
Traditional Packaging Tool. The finest cot and stretcher blanket available for patient packaging. Provides excellent insulation characteristics. 70% wool, 30% synthetic fiber. Size: Size: 82 x 62". Weight: 42 oz.
Junkin Basket Stretcher Flotation Kit
Basket Stretcher Flotation Kit
Price: $502.00
For use with all basket stretchers to provide flotation during patient handling in water. Easily attached with hook and loop fastener to any stokes-type stretcher. Flotation bats are Dow Ethafoam and covered in Cordura Nylon.
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