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STR II Flexible Stretcher

Price: $1,000.00

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TASK STR II Flexible Stretcher
TASK STR II Flexible StretcherTASK STR II Flexible StretcherTASK STR II Flexible StretcherTASK STR II Flexible StretcherTASK STR II Flexible StretcherTASK STR II Flexible Stretcher

The STR II is a versatile envelope stretcher ideal for transport and rescue of patients in many vertical scenarios – Urban, Marine, Industrial, Mountain, Industrial, confined spaces, and other difficult access locations. Made with a Double Safety System protection for head and feet. Color coded strap system: Patient (Yellow), Closure (Black), Lifting (Blue). Integral patient harness works directly on patient or may be converted to secure a patient packaged on backboard. Automatic rescue strength locking buckles speeds securing patient in the STR II. Features stainless steel “no pressure” system that allows the unit to envelope the patient without undue shoulder squeeze found in other flexible stretcher.

*does not replace proper patient packaging using backboard, cervical collar, and headblocks.


  • High Density Polymer shell for superior strength and abrasion resistance
  • Integral Patient harness with Quick-Lock buckles
  • Color Coded strap system (Patient, Lifting, Closure)
  • Stainless steel "No Pressure" system to reduce collapse of Patient capsule
  • Waterproof storage bag
  • Weight: 18.75 lbs
  • Length: 95"
  • Width: 36"
  • Colors: Orange, Black
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