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Sling-Link PPE Carrier

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Sling-Link PPE Carrier
Sling-Link PPE CarrierSling-Link PPE Carrier-HandleSling-Link PPE Carrier-BootsSling-Link PPE Carrier-Coat

The Original Sling-Link PPE Carrier

Durable system that holds and transports PPE for Fire, Police and Military. Standard version complete with 2 TACLINKs to attach helmet and other equipment. Designed with 2 inch top attachment strap with sturdy handle and a 2 inch wide boot strap with a slipok and strap keeper for easy customized adjustment that tightly cinches gear for transport. Includes adjustable shoulder strap with movable rubber comfort pad and interlocking side release buckles for quick attachment and release. Configuration designed to ensure a balanced load with no stress on boot loops. System has slots for up to six carabiners to attach multiple piece of gear to belt and assembles in less than 60 seconds to provide faster deployment of your gear than conventional storage options. Open air assembly allows gear to dry quickly, preventing odor and bacteria build up; connects all primary equipment pieces (helmet, face mask, gloves) to the attachment strap to be hung in the cab as one unit, keeping gear secure and off the floor; use the attachment strap to close around rope and carry other tools

Part # Description Weight
29962011 Sling-Link PPE Carrier, Fire 11.2 oz.
29962001 Sling-Link PPE Carrier, Berry Compliant 11.2 oz.
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