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SkyHook TrailTech Winch

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Skyhook TrailTECH Winch


The TrailTech winch is equipped with a shaft that accommodates the double handles. Similar to a bicycle pedal system, it provides the maximum output for a manually operated winch. The double handles of the Harken winch attached to the SkyHook TrailTech bracket provide the mechanical advantage and ergonomic ease for a single-man operation to efficiently lift loads not possible by one person manually. The universal anchor mount can connect quickly to a Tripod system's legs but has the flexibility to be attached to a variety of structures via tie-down holes, webbing straps or a trailer hitch where a remote work site is involved. Because of the low profile of the TrailTech Winch handle cranks, the handles do not rotate fully when used with the Universal Anchor Plate or Webbing Anchor Ratchet Systems. The TrailTech Riser is required for use with the Universal Anchor Plate and Webbing Anchor Ratchet systems.

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