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RC4000 Rescue Craft - Motor Ready

Price: $15,500.00
Item Number: 245824000
MFC Survival RC4000 Rescue Craft
MFC Survival RC4000 Rescue CraftRC4000 Rescue CraftRC4000 Rescue CraftRC4000 Rescue Craft

The RC4000 Rescue Craft from MFC Survival is designed to exceed the performance of a conventional Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB), while providing the shallow draft and ease of transportation of a rescue sled. The inflatable four-meter design incorporates twin keels with a rigid inflatable floor and represents the latest thinking in water rescue boat design. Used with a 25-30hp short shaft outboard motor, the Rescue Craft is capable of making headway in strong currents while the twin keels ensure excellent handling. The RC4000 can be towed or line controlled with or without the motor fitted and is light enough to be carried to where it is needed. When deflated the Rescue Craft packs into a carry bag small enough to fit it together with the motor in the back of a small van or a conventional family hatchback with the rear seats dropped. The RC4000 can carry up to 10 people, or a rescue crew of four, with plenty of room for equipment.

  • Length: 13 ft (400 cm) Width: 6.6 ft. (200 cm) Height: 2.6 ft (80 cm)
  • Tube Diameter: 19 in. (48 cm)
  • Capacity: 1760 lbs (800 kg)
  • Pack Size: 55" x 20" x 14" (140cm L x 50 cm W x 35 cm H)
  • Max Engine, Short Shaft: 30 hp
  • Weight: 116.6 lbs (53 kg)
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