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Leg Straps for NRS PFD

Price: $10.00
Item Number: 20842163
Leg Straps for Rescue PFD
Leg Straps for NRS PFD
NRS PFD Leg Straps are an extra safety measure that you will really appreciate if you go for an unexpected swim. They help prevent ride up of your life jacket and keep your head higher above the water.
  • A pair of straps made with strong nylon webbing with quick-release buckles that help keep you nice and secure while being easy to get in and out of.

  • Adjustable

  • Fit in loops on Type V and Rapid Rescuer PFDs.

  • We do not recommend these Leg Straps for use in any other manner or application. Remember, leg straps are an extra safety measure and not a substitute for a poorly fitted life jacket.

  • To install the straps, thread both of them through the webbing loop in the back of the jacket. Then thread one strap through the webbing loop at the bottom of the left front panel and the other one through the loop at the bottom of the right front panel.

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