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Harken LokHead Winch

Price: $3,500.00
Item Number: 23365002
Harken LokHead Winch


ThSs man-riding portable capstan winch is designed for confined space retrieval orfor use with davit systems using an unlimited length of fibrous rope. The captive head allows the winch to be used safely, and keeps the rope from accidentally releasing. The LokHead can be used anywhere a load needs to be lifted and lowered.Rigged to a tripod, it can be used for confined-space rescue, for load moving/haul-ing, and man-riding.

The winch is designed for use with fiber rope up to 1/2(12 mm) in diameter, reducing weight and allowing alignment to the load. Smooth surfaces and chafe-freedesign.


Weighing just 20 kg (44 lb), the LokHead winch can be incorporated with a compatible mounting bracket into a rescue/lifting system without significantly increasing overall weight


Easy to rig and efficient, the LokHead makes the most of the operators efforts. The winch offers two gears; 15:1 for low load/high speed use and 40:1 for higher load applications.


The winch can be driven manually with the provided B10AL handle. Alternatively, use a compatible power drill with the power tool adaptor to drive the winch. WLL: 1,100 lbs.


The braking system controls descent and provides workers protection against free-falls. The encapsulating jaw cover protects fingers and clothing from catching in the winch.


The winch is designed for use with fiber rope 10 12.7 mm (3/8 1/2) in diameter and unlimited line length.

  • Certified to EN13157:2009 (Machinery Directive harmonized standard) for lifting goods and equipment, as well as EN1496:2007 as a rescue lifting device.


    This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel acetate which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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