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ZipGrip Handlebar

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ISC HAN070 ZipGrip Handle
ISC HAN070 ZipGrip HandleISC HAN070 ZipGrip HandleISC HAN070 ZipGrip HandleISC HAN070 ZipGrip HandleISC HAN070 ZipGrip HandleISC HAN070 ZipGrip Handle

The ZipGrip Handle Bar is a lightweight, retrofitable zip handle device, for use with the industry leading Zippey Clip'n'Zip, ZipSpeed-S and ZipSpeed-L Trolley models. The ZipGrip Handle Bar can be used to improve rider experience, by preventing rotation during their ride and the ability to arrive at the end of the zip line in a forward-facing position, ready to land on the platform.

The ZipGrip Handle Bar accessory is completely independent of the safety system that connects the rider to the trolley, thus giving an uninterrupted load path of certified zip trolley, lanyard, and harness components. Zip handlebars fall outside the regular categories for standard certification and as such, it’s not possible to obtain third-party certification for handlebars (since they do not qualify as a ‘connector’).

The solution... the ZipGrip Handle Bar is completely independent of the connection between the rider’s harness and the zip trolley. This means that the rider can be directly connected to the zip trolley, using certified equipment only. The ZipGrip Handle Bar is present purely as an accessory item and does not interrupt the chain of certified safety components used to connect the user to the harness.

The central body of the ZipGrip has a curved shape, which positions the handlebars away from the main attachment assembly, keeping the user's fingers clear of the lanyard and carabiner. The lanyard retention clip holds the lanyard in the correct position, keeping the lanyard clear of the user’s hands and reducing the risk of the user’s hands being pinched between the lanyard and the central shaft of the handlebar.

The ZipGrip Handle Bar is available with a choice of lanyard retention clip, to suit webbing or rope lanyards. As the Lanyard is not fitted to the ZipGrip Handle Bar, the lanyard can easily be released from the retention clip and removed from the handle bar retention clip, to allow for inspection and replacement, as necessary. To do this, simply disconnect the lanyard from the carabiner and unthread the lanyard from the retention clip- no tools required).

Compatible with RP074 Zippey Zip 'n' Clip, RP075 ZipSpeed, and RP076 ZipSpeed Trolley pulleys.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 10.9" x 6.3" x 2.75" (260 x 100 x 70mm)
  • Weight : 15 oz. (450 gm)


    This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel acetate which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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