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Delsar Mini, 2 Sensor Kit

Price: $8,300.00
Item Number: 2170996020
SAVOX Delsar MINI 2 sensor Kit

Delsar MINI Search Kit

The Delsar LifeDetector Mini is a two sensor seismic/acoustic listening device designed specifically for hasty searches. This compact kit can be quickly deployed on the rubble pile to convert the entire collapsed structure into a large sensitive microphone that transmits noises from entombed victims. Utilizing the same features and functionality as the Delsar Life Detector LD3, the Delsar Mini is equipped with two sensors, two seismic sensors and one acoustic sensor. Used by FEMA, UKSAR,USAR, SUSAR and rescue teams from around the world, the Delsar MINI Kit is a seismic/ acoustic listening device used to detect and locate live victims trapped in:

  • Collapsed structures caused by earthquakes
  • Explosions
  • Landslides
  • Mine disasters or cave-ins
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