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Shoutbox Extrication Manikin Kit

Price: From $2,250.00 to $2,300.00

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We have combined our Multi-Trauma Manikin and the Shoutbox manikin voice box to create an advanced extrication training manikin. The Multi-Trauma manikin is clothed in a special reinforced coverall (not shown) and will allow simulation of full and partial amputations of the right arm and right lower extremity. The manikin also has a thoracic impalement feature. The include Shoutbox manikin voice box adds to the realism with looping or sound activated victim response. The Ruth Lee Manikins give the most accurate representation of a trapped victim. All anatomical proportions are correct in length, size and weight.

Item Number Size
239586030 66 lbs.
239586050 110 lbs.

TechNOTE - Ruth Lee Training Manikin Coveralls

Ruth Lee is the only manikin manufacturer that provides clothing with their products. All Ruth Lee Rescue Training Manikins include coveralls. Manikins 44 lbs and up also include lug sole boots. None is found on Bullex products; and Simulaids only adds thin gym shorts. While the strength reinforced coveralls protect the manikin, they are not deemed “Wear Proof”. Their specific design is to provide a replaceable, washable layer that helps protect the manikin. The coveralls are designed to wear and must be replaced so that the manikin carcass is protected. Use of the manikins should mimic that of dragging a similarly dressed victim. The wear resistance of the coveralls should be considered to be on par with clothing normally worn by the victims. The included coveralls protect the manikin when used during rescue training. The coveralls are not designed to endure the rigors of firefighter drags or physical agility training. The coveralls and boots should be seen as disposable items and should be replaced when showing signs of wear or damage in order to protect the main body of the manikin. Additional clothing is suggested for use in these activities (Even the Combat Challenge dresses their manikins in turnout Gear for this competition). Treat the coveralls as clothing. They are NOT wear proof. Protect your investment.

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