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E-Flare HZ510 - 8 LED Strobe

Price: From $80.00 to $85.00

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E-Flare HZ510 - 8 LED Strobe
E-Flare HZ510 - 8 LED StrobeE-Flare 500 - 8 LED StrobeE-Flare 500 - 8 LED StrobeE-Flare 500 - 8 LED StrobeE-Flare 500 - 8 LED Strobe

The E-Flare is compact, portable warning beacon designed specifically for safety professionals. The beacon is a high performance warning light that has been top rated in a number of police departments around the world. These beacons use the latest high-conspicuity LED technology. Available in red,amber, Green, Blue, and White.

  • Features:
  • High-luminosity solid state LED's rated for greater than 100,000 hour operating life
  • 360 degree light beam
  • Visible at up to one mile (two kilometers) at night
  • Operating life of up to 80 hours for each set of batteries
  • Clear, high performance, ultra tough, impact resistant polycarbonate Fresnel lens
  • Primary beam directed horizontally, secondary beam component directed vertically
  • Light is eight inches (20 centimetres) above the ground, to ensure good visibility to approaching vehicles
  • Design provides excellent beacon for emergency helicopter landing zones
  • Beam designed to be visible to approaching vehicles from any direction
  • Safety fluoro-yellow high-performance ABS body/Reflective tape on the body
  • Low Battery Indicator (LBI) to show when batteries need to be replaced
  • Positive action switch means light cannot be switched on or off by accident
  • Beacon designed so that it will not be a safety hazard if struck by a vehicle
  • Class 1, Division 2, Zone 2 (non-sparking) HAZMAT models available for use in hazardous areas
  • Two replaceable alkaline D cells
  • Batteries will not be damaged if unit is dropped
  • Advanced electronic circuitry maximizes battery life
  • Shock resistant and able to withstand being run over without damage
  • Water resistant, dustproof, vibration proof
  • Impervious to gases, fuels, chemicals, and salts
  • Stable in high winds when seated in base
  • Can withstand drops on to hard surfaces from three feet without damage
  • Detachable rubber base increases flexibility of beacon (sold separately)
  • Engineered and built for an operational life of over five years in tough conditions

Model# Color
23625004 Red
23625006 Blue
23625000 Amber
23625005 Green
23625009  White

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