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4:1 Hauling Kits

Price: From $530.00 to $815.00

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4:1 Hauling Kits

4:1 Block and Tackle System

Complete hauling kits that are ready to use

Each kit contains 1/2" Rescue rope and Prusik Cord, High strength Pulleys, Gibb's Ascender and Rigger Carabiners. Packaged in Heavy Duty Rope Bag and Equipment Saddle bag, the rescuer can simply reach in and grab the carabiner to attach to the rigging point. All of our kits are made with the most current model of the components. As such, many kits are made-to-order and may require a couple of days to assemble.

Part # Rope Length Weight
610604 150 ft. 18.8 lbs.
610624 200 ft. 23.5 lbs.
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